New patient bookings letting you down?

Not to worry. Our simple tool gives you 3 easy steps to decide how you will book more new patients without wasting your money, even if you aren’t sure where to find them.

SEO & Ads: QuickStart Sheet for Clinic Owners

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3 simple steps to plan out your path to more new patient bookings

Step 1: Collect The Inputs: Deciding on your next best opportunities involves collecting a few inputs or making some assumptions.Step 2: Do The Math: Great marketing is 100% measurable, so we can create an outlook with a little bit of math. Don't worry, an example is provided.Step 3: Action!: Get in motion, to harness your Ads Opportunity. Or your SEO Opportunity. Or both, at the same time!

Ads: Benefits for Your Clinic

  • Results as quickly as one month

  • Pay to play: go right to page one

  • Flexible and measurable

SEO: Benefits for Your Clinic

  • Most trusted by searchers

  • Highest long-term ROI

  • Builds over 6-12+ month campaigns

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